cobra island

The Ukrainian military placed the country’s national flag on the island of Cobra in the Black Sea. The announcement was made on July 4 during a briefing by the head of the press center of the “South” operational command of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Natalia Gumenyuk. “The military operation has been completed and now the territory has been returned to Ukraine’s jurisdiction,” she told reporters. She did not provide details of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) operation. Whether the Ukrainian contingent is on the Serpentine has not been specified. As a goodwill measure, on June 30, the Russian Armed Forces completed their assigned tasks on the island of Cobra in the Black Sea and withdrew the garrison stationed there, the Defense Ministry said. The department noted that it was demonstrated to the world community that the Russian Federation did not interfere in the UN’s efforts to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from the territory of Ukraine. After the statement by the Defense Ministry, the deputy chief of operations of the Ukrainian General Staff, Oleksiy Gromov, said that the Ukrainian military intends to establish control over the island. On July 1, military expert Dmitry Boltenkov said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would definitely try to enter Snake Island because, in the absence of realities, they at least need media victories. According to him, such an action will be expensive. On the same day, it was reported that Cobra Island remains under the control of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Navy. Cobra Island came under the control of the Russian Armed Forces during the military operation carried out by Moscow since February 24 to protect the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk (DPR and LPR).

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