Crypto market has been in the downside since November 2021. Many experts anticipate crypto winter, and they were right. Bitcoin and Ethereum has lost almost 70% from the peak, and pulled many other coins fall down as well. NFT market is overcoming the worst time in the history. NFT activities has collapse twice and more. Today I want to review 2 NFT project with extremely undervalued coin price. Penny coins with great opportunity to the rise. 

But nothing fall forever and rise forever. Bitcoin and Ethereum has corrected to 24000 and 1900, from the low 18900 and 900 perspectively.

Totem (CTZN) coin.

Totem is the NFT project, working to build a sustainable web3 economy in the metaverse. Building their own Totem Os marketplace. The project is very perspective and with clear roadmap. As the NFT markets recover, the value of the coin will recover as well.

The coin price seems to be extremely undervalued, considering the own capital that totem has. Totem has called over 20 millions of investment. Coins are trading at and pancake.

Vera labs.

Another great NFT project which suffer of lack of the attention of the inverters. Vera project is building a great NFT future, widening the horizon of implementing NFT in the real world. Vera is the first company presented NFT rental and mortgage in the market. It opens new opportunity for NFT games, you don’t need to buy the NFT hero in NFT game, you just can rent it.


Vera coins are traded as low as 0.03 cent now, and has great rooms to surge to 0.5. Vera coin is trading at Gate, pancake, bitmart and ascendex.  The buy opportunity is now!

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