michael burry

Michael Burry sold all stocks in the portfolio

The hero of 2008 (shorted sub prime mortgage bonds) Michael Burry from the USA suddenly sold almost all his shares and invested in private prisons and psychiatric hospitals.

The prototype of the character in The Big Short warns of “the crash of all crashes.” The future will show who is right.

Michael Burry (the prototype character in The Big Short) abruptly pulled out of all investments and left only shares in a company that runs a network of private prisons and mental hospitals in his portfolio. Last year, Burry warned of the coming of “mother of all crashes.”

According to Bloomberg, Burry’s Scion Asset Management made a major deal the day before. The company suddenly decided to sell its shares in the Alphabet holding, which owns Google, Meta and nine other corporations. In the portfolio of Scion Asset Management, only shares of Geo Group remained, which manages a network of private prisons and psychiatric clinics. After the news about the sale, Geo Group securities rose sharply in price by 11%. For sure, there is a saying “the market can be irrational longer than a shortist can be solvent”.

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According to CNBC.

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