Walmart’s stock price forecast is upbeat despite news that it will start charging suppliers for fuel.

Technical analysis of Walmart’s stock price chart on the daily time frame shows that, #S-WMT,Daily is rebounding to the 200-day moving average MA(200) after hitting a two-year low eight weeks ago.

Walmart has announced that it will begin charging suppliers for delivery for the fuel price hikes.

Walmart Inc is an American retail and wholesale giant with operations all over the world. Its market capitalization is US$343 billion.

The stock is currently trading at a 12M P/E of 26.97, with revenue (ttm) of $576.0 billion, with a return on equity (ttm) of 15.53% and a return on assets ( ttm) – 6.31%.

Walmart has announced that it will charge some of its suppliers new shipping fees starting next month in order to ship goods to its warehouses and stores. The “charge” is calculated as a percentage of the cost of goods received, and a fuel surcharge based on the cost of fuel to transport the goods will be charged to Walmart’s “Valued Collection Suppliers”.

In May of this year, Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, lowered its full-year profit forecast, citing rising labor and fuel costs, with fuel costs more than $160 million higher than forecast.

Will Walmart’s stock price continue to recover?

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