The FED rate hike on March 22, 2023, caused a ripple effect in the market, with the USD initially gaining ground against other currencies, only to later lose its position. This left traders uncertain about the impact of higher interest rates on trading. As a result, traders are on the lookout for new trading ideas to capitalize on market fluctuations. In the current market climate, the price of AUDUSD is showing promising short-term trade opportunities with a low level of risk.
If you’re looking to take advantage of this trading opportunity, it’s recommended to buy with a target of 0.672 and a small stop loss set at 0.662. The market is in an anticipatory phase, and prices are expected to fluctuate within a specific range. This makes it an excellent time to make a profitable move in the market. So, seize the moment and make the most of this trading opportunity to achieve your financial goals.

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3 thought on “AUDUSD on Go!”
  1. 30.03.2023 Tracking position. AUDUSD: 0.67, profit 40 pips, still have momentum to go 0.677. Trading stop loss set to no risk level.

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